How to get connected

Establish the power demand of the property to be electrified.  

Reguest an electrical plan from an expert. If you are building a new property, decide on your heating system and think about your electricity usage. 

Order the electricity connection

Based on your order, we draw up a new connection contract for you. Contact our connection sales preferably 2-3 months before the building work starts if your building site is in a sparsely populated area. Give us the location of your connection, its main fuse size, and the required delivery date. A map attachment or plan helps in defining the location.

We draw up your electrification plan and agree with you on the schedule for building the connection. You can request a connection quotation even when you are planning to purchase a site. The connection charge can usually be quoted in a phone call to our connection sales.

Request a quotation for the on-site metering centre and connection cable

The on-site installations are carried out by an electrical contractor. You can also request a quotation from Kyvera, Kymenlaakson Sähkö’s network construction company, on such installations with your connection order or quotation request.

We recommend a metering centre on its own base, with sockets. This way, you have easy access to electricity also at the building stage. The centre can also be initially installed on a temporary stand. In this case, your electrical contractor protects the centre connection cable and moves it to its final position later, for example on the wall of a building. We also hire out temporary site centres, the installation and disconnection of which are subject to charges as per the service charge price list.

Electrical contractors approved by the Finnish Safety and Chemicals Agency (Tukes)

Make a network service contract and electricity sales contact

A requirement of an electrical connection is that you have made network service and  electricity sales contracts for your metering point. Contact the energy company of your choice.

Further information on electricity vendors

Electrical contractor orders the connection

When then connection has been constructed and completed to the schedule cited in your connection contract and the contractor has completed the on-site installation work ready for connection, you can start using electricity. The contractor orders the connection using the general information form.  

Access to electricity

We connect the electricity and install a remotely read meter within 8 working days from receiving the order, once all the relevant issues and contracts are in order.