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Changes to an electrical connection

Do you want to increase or decrease your connection size? Has your electricity consumption decreased so that you could place your connection on standby or terminate it altogether? How is the connection taken into account in a property sale?

Please contact our connection sales for advice on what you should do in different situations

Larger main fuse

When your power consumption increases, you may need a larger connection. Increasing the connection size means increasing the size of the main fuses. Ask your electrical contractor to check the size of connection that would cover your needs. The contractor also carries out the practical job of replacing your main fuses with larger ones and notifies the electricity company using a general information form (opens to a new window).

Inspection of the metering centre and connection cable

In conjunction with increasing the main fuse size, the contractor will check that the on-site metering centre and connection cable correspond to the new connection size. If changes are necessary, the electrical contractor will carry these out. When replacing the metering centre, we remove the meter from the old centre and connect it to the new centre. For this work, you will be charged a metering modification charge.

Additional connection charge

When increasing the connection size, we issue a new connection contract for the property and make an additional connection charge. The charge is equal to the difference between the connection charges corresponding to the new and old main fuse sizes in the zone price list areas I and II. In other cases, the charge is determined by the network costs, being at least the difference between the connection charges in the zone price list.

When you increase the connection size, we check the dimensioning of our network and make the necessary changes. Possible modification work is included in the additional connection charge. This is to ensure that the electricity quality is sufficient and it is safe to use. Connection price list.

Amending the network service contract

When the larger main fuse is installed, the basic fees change to correspond to the chosen main fuse size. At this point it is worth checking if there is a better alternative among the network service contracts. Our customer service will advise you how to compare. Network service price list.

Reducing main fuse size

If your electricity consumption has decreased, you can opt for a smaller main fuse and save money by paying a lower basic charge. Ask your electrical contractor to check the size of main fuse that would cover your needs. You can order a change of main fuses from the contractor who notifies the electricity company using a general information form (opens to a new window).

The connection usage right will remain based on the previously used main fuse so that, if necessary, you can increase the main fuse up to the same size with no additional connection charge.

Place connection on standby

When electricity is not used in a property, but you want to retain the readiness for it, you can place the connection on standby. This way, you pay a standby charge based on the main fuse size of the connection, and all other electricity billing stops. When moving into standby state, we disconnect the power supply to the metering point and remove the meter. For these measures, we make a charge for a metering procedure.

Price list: Maintenance of the connection

Service price list

You can restore a connection on standby back to normal use without any charge. Before a connection can be taken into use after standby, you should contact an electrical contractor for checking the installations. The contractor orders the connection using the general information form.

A connection placed on standby also remains on a site where the building has been demolished, and it can be reconnected to the new property built on the same site. As you can transfer an electricity connection in a property sale to the new owner, a connection on standby is also useful when selling the property.

For new connections completed after 1 March 2011, we make a standby charge if the connection is not reconnected by the end of the calendar year following completion.

Terminating a connection

If power consumption in the property has ended completely and new usage is not planned, you can terminate the connection. In this case, we check the connection charges paid and refund you with the payment, less the disconnection costs.

A terminated connection can only receive a power supply by making a new connection contract and paying a new connection charge.

Electricity connection and property sale

In a property sale, the electricity connection contract is not automatically transferred to the new owner with the property. The transfer of the connection contract should be included in the deed of sale, so that a separate deed of transfer is not necessary.

As a vendor, when you terminate the electricity contracts concerning the connection, notify us at the same time about the transfer of the connection to the new owner. If necessary, we may ask for a copy of the deeds or some other proof of transfer of the connection.

At the time of the connection changing ownership, we make a connection contract with the new owner, replacing the old contract on the property. There is no new connection charge for making the new contract.

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