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Thinking about starting microgeneration of electricity, for example, with a solar power system? On this page, you find a step-by-step guide on the purchasing and commissioning of generation equipment.

In order to connect microgeneration to the network, you need equipment that meets certain standards and recommendations. In addition, the installation of the equipment requires expertise. Please contact us in sufficient time because the generation equipment must not be connected to the electricity network without the network company’s permission.

Instructions on purchasing and commissioning generation equipment

1. Permits

Contact the planning office of your local authority to find out about the necessary permits. Sometimes the local authority requires a separate permit for microgeneration equipment.

2. Dimensioning of the equipment

Get in touch with our connection sales in order to verify the maximum size of your generation equipment. In some cases, an output that is higher than the recommended level may cause disturbances in the electricity network and drop the generation of the equipment to a level that is lower than designed. You will receive the best return on your investment when you are able to make the best possible use of the generation for yourself.

Please contact connection sales also when planning to acquire more panels.

Contact details of connection sales (opens in a new window)

3. From quotes to guidance

Ask a solar power system supplier of your choice for a written quote on the delivery and installation of generation equipment. In order to ensure the quality of your equipment, we recommend Finnish solar power system suppliers. It is also worth considering where the equipment can be serviced or repaired in the event of a fault.

Attach the general information form on the microgeneration equipment to your request for a quote already at this stage. This will ensure that your equipment can be connected to the electricity network.

Ask the contractor for advice and instructions on the operation and use of the equipment straight away in connection with the installation.

4. General information form on microgeneration

After your equipment has been installed, it is the electrical contractor’s task to send the general information form on microgeneration to your distribution system operator.

General information form on microgeneration (opens in a new window)

5. Purchase contract on microgeneration

Next, draw up a purchase contract on microgeneration for the electricity you generate. The electricity you generate can be sold to any electricity vendor. Contact the vendor of your choice and draw up a contract.

6. Two-way meter and network service contract

We will draw up a network service contract on generation with you after we have received the general information form and your electricity vendor has notified us of the microgeneration purchase contract. We will also replace your electricity meter with a two-way meter at your metering point for separate metering of electricity that is purchased from and fed into the network. The change of meter to a two-way one is free of charge.

Network service price list for generation (opens in a new window)

We will carry out the meter replacement a few weeks after the processing of the general information form on microgeneration. The time of replacement will depend on any backlogs and the availability of meters.

7. Commissioning and monitoring

After the meter has been replaced, you can commission the generation equipment and start generating electricity.

The generation data can be viewed with the monitoring software included in the solar power system. As our customer, you can use our Online service to see the amount of netted electricity generation and surplus electricity, i.e. the amount of electricity you sell to your electricity company.

Read more about netting of microgeneration (opens in a new window)

To Online service (opens in a new window)

Additional information from Motiva (opens in a new window)

Additional information from Motiva

If you have any questions related to microgeneration, please contact

Microgeneration customerserviceconnection sales
05 7780 510
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Technical instructions

The generation equipment must meet the technical requirements before it can be connected to the network. Read our instructions (only in finnish)

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