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Price list for connection fees April 1, 2024

Low voltage connections

(incl. vat 24%, transferable, non-refundable)

Main fuse / A Zone I Zone II
3 x 25 A €2,700 €4,090
3 x 35 A €3,790 €5,720
3 x 50 A €5,410 €8,180
3 x 63 A €6,820 €10,300
3 x 80 A €8,660
3 x 100 A €10,820
3 x 125 A €13,520
3 x 160 A €17,310
3 x 200 A €21,640
3 x 250 A €27,050
3 x 315 A €34,080
3 x 400 A €43,280
yli 3 x 400 A €108,00 / A

Zone I = The connection point is located within a local detailed plan or at a maximum distance of 250m from the current distribution substation.

Zone II = The connection point is located outside a local detailed plan or at a distance of between 250m and 800m from the current distribution substation.

In low-voltage connections, we comply with area pricing at sites that are outside the areas subject to zone pricing, i.e. the connection fee is based on direct connection costs and the capacity reservation fee.

We also do not apply zone pricing in areas where the transformer circuit has a valid clause to refund a connection fee that is higher than normal. Connections outside zone and area pricing are priced on a case by case basis.

We design the connections in accordance with normal design criteria using standard structures and normal dimensioning criteria, which we have specified in further detail in the connection fee criteria. The dimensioning criteria ensure high quality of electricity and a good level of operational safety.

We send the customer an offer for an individual connection within 5 working days and an area offer within 10 working days of receiving the request for a quote.

Increasing the connection

For increasing the main fuse of the connection, we charge an extra connection fee in the areas of zone price lists I and II. The amount of the extra connection fee is the difference of the connection fees for the old and the new main fuse size. Outside the zone area, the extra connection fee consists of the capacity reservation fee in accordance with the increased capacity.

Connection point

The customer receives the right to use the connection by paying the connection fee. Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy will build the electrical network required for the connection up to the connection point, which in an overhead line network is a pole or the wall of the property, and in an underground cable network it is the boundary of the plot. We specify the connection point in the connection contract. The connecting customer is responsible for the costs of changes in the connection point.

Metering centre

We recommend that the customer installs the metering centre outdoors or in a separate space that is accessible by Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy. The metering centre must not be installed on a pole

Small-scale connection

(incl. vat 24%, transferable, non-refundable)

A low-power site of a maximum of 500 W, such as a billboard, amplifier, light signal or similar. The connection can be implemented without kWh metering if the site’s power consumption can be estimated in a reliable way and metering cannot be arranged within reason.

3 x 25 A Zone I ja II €1300

Medium- and high-voltage connections

Value added tax at 24% is added to the connection fees. The connection fee is transferable, but not refundable. The connection offer is case-specific.

10 kV and 20 kV 110 kV
Basic part (case-specific) direct connection costs direct connection costs
Capacity reservation fee €42kVA €26/kVA
Basic part (case-specific) direct connection costs direct connection costs
Capacity reservation fee, production, over 2 MVA €41/kVA €25kVA

Production connection

The same principles apply for the determination of the production connection charges as for the consumption connection charges. With the exception of less than 2 MVA production equipment, for which a capacity reservation fee is deducted from the connection fee.


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