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Connection point, connection cable and metering centre

Connection point

The connection point agreed in the connection contract forms the boundary between the electrical installations belonging to the distribution system operator and the customer being connected. Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy is responsible for electricity distribution and its quality up to the connection point. From this point on, liability for the planning, construction and maintenance of the cabling, wiring and installations belongs to the owner of the electrical connection. Electrical installations may only be carried out by an electrician with the required contracting licences.

The connection point in the overhead line network consists of the connectors at the top of the pole or the boundary or the boundary itself, in an underground cable network the distribution cabinet on the boundary or the site boundary itself.

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Connection cable

The connection cable refers to the underground cable laid from the connection point to the customer’s metering centre. The connection cable and its installation are not included in the connection charge. The connection cable must be dimensioned in accordance with Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy’s specifications and protected in accordance with the electrical safety standards.

When you start excavating the cable trench, make sure there are no previously laid underground cables on the excavation route. The cable burying depth is usually 0.7 m without additional protection. Ask your electrical contractor for further instructions on protection.

An earthing arrangement must be installed in conjunction with the metering centre. If necessary, it can be positioned in the cable trench.

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Metering centre

The metering centre must be installed outdoors or in a separate space to which a Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko Oy representative has access. There must be no access into the building from this space. The metering centre must not be positioned on the distribution system operator’s pole.

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