Electricity for the mover

Are you moving? Make sure to arrange your electrical accounts in good time, preferably a couple of weeks before you move. This way you ensure that the power is on when you need it, and there is no break of power supply with the move.

Easy to arrange with our Online service

As a Kymenlaakson Sähkö customer, you can arrange your electricity affairs when moving house easily with our Online service. Log in using your personal IDs.

End your current contract. When you move, you must always take care to terminate your electricity contract at your old address yourself, or you may end up paying for the new resident’s electricity. The required notice period is 14 days. The same notice terminates both your energy and distribution contracts.

A new electricity contract should be made as soon as the moving date is fixed, but at the latest two weeks before moving. The price of the connection of electricity supply ordered on the same day is €60, but it is free of charge for our customers when ordering in advance.

As our new customer, log into the Online service using your online bank IDs. After this, making an electricity contract is easy: just select the contract alternative most suitable for you. You need not make a separate electricity distribution contract. We arrange it for you, including when your home is outside our network area. Remember that you must be 18 years old in order to sign a contract.

Bought or sold a property? Remember to transfer the electricity connection

With a property sale, the electricity connection contract is not automatically transferred to the new owner with the property, but the vendor and buyer agree on it separately. When moving into a terraced house or apartment, there is no need for a connection transfer.