KSOY Vartti

Does it feel like hard work following the electricity exchange? You can also buy electricity direct from the electricity exchange for a fixed price in 3-month instalments.

In the KSOY Vartti contract, the electricity price is based on prices quoted on the NordPool electricity exchange, and therefore it will remain unchanged throughout the price period, three months at a time. The new price is known two weeks before the start of the new price period. The price of electricity remains up-to-date, but fluctuates more slowly.

  • The price of electricity consists of the basic charge, which is paid once a month, and the user charge, which is determined on the basis of quotes for the quarterly product in the derivatives market of the NordPool electricity exchange.
  • The price will remain unchanged throughout the price period: January–March, April–June, July–September and October–December.
  • The new price is known two weeks before the start of the new price period.
  • You will receive the price information in your email immediately after the quotation. Don’t forget to give us your email address in the Online service.

KSOY Vartti price list 1.1. - 31.3.2018, incl. VAT 24%. Suitable for sites with a maximum fuse size of 3 x 63 A.

General Electricity

Basic charge €3.35 per month

User charge 5,59 c/kWh

Time-of-day Electricity*

Basic charge €3.35 per month

User charge, day 5.99c/kWh

User charge, night 4.99 c/kWh

Seasonal Electricity*

Basic charge €3.35 per month

User charge, winter weekday 6,19 c/kWh 

User charge, other time 4,99 c/kWh

The distribution fee charged by the distribution system operator and electricity tax will be added to the prices.

 *) Hourly metering is subject to the national time division according to section 2 of the Government decree on determination  of electricity supply and metering 66/2009: day 7am–10pm, night-time 10pm–7am, winter weekday 1 November – 31 March, Mon–Sat 7am–10pm, charges for other times valid at other times

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