KSOY Pörssi

How about buying electricity direct from the electricity exchange?

That way the price of your electricity will always remain up-to-date because it is based directly on the price quoted on the NordPool electricity exchange. By following the electricity exchange, you will see next day’s prices down to the hour, and the more you manage to direct your own electricity consumption to more favourably priced hours of the day, the more you will save.

Draw up an electricity contract

  • You will always receive electricity at an up-to-date price, the contract price is based on the NordPool electricity exchange price and it follows the actual hourly price for the Finland price area.
  • You will pay the Basic charge for electricity every month and the hourly price, which consists of the exchange price and a delivery charge of 0.23 c/kWh.
  • Suitable for sites with a  maximum fuse size of 3 x 63 A.
  • The contract is valid until further notice.

KSOY Pörssi price, incl. VAT 24% .  Suitable for sites with a maximum fuse size of 
3 x 63 A

  • Basic charge €2,99 per month +
  • hourly price:  NordPool exchange price * (x,xx c/kWh) + delivery charge 0,23 c/kWh

You can calculate your own hourly cost by multiplying this hourly price with your hourly electricity consumption (kWh) for that particular hour.

Monitor the electricity price

The electricity exchange’s next day’s prices without taxes are available at www.nordpoolspot.com/Market-data1/. Select Elspot prices under ‘FI’ and you will see the next day’s prices per hour. The exchange price of electricity can also be monitored with Fingrid’s Tuntihinta mobile app (Android, Windows Phone and iPhone), available to download here.

If we do not receive the hourly consumption data for your meter from the local distribution system operator, the price of the contract consists of the basic charge (€2,99/month), delivery charge (0.23 c/kWh) and the actual monthly average price at the electricity exchange.

See the KSOY Pörssi price for the current month

See the current day’s electricity price