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Electricity for the home

Welcome to choose the electricity contract most suitable for you!

Please note! Our contract options are currently limited. New electiricty contracts are only available for those customers, whose property is located in the area of Kymenlaakson Sähköverkko electricity network.

Is a stable electricity price important to you or do you prefer to buy your electric energy direct from the exchange?  Are environmental considerations uppermost in your mind when choosing an electricity contract? With us, you will find just the right electricity for your needs. Study our contract alternatives and conclude your contract easily in our Online service (opens to a new window).

KSOY Kiinteä

KSOY Kiinteä electricity contract is drawn up for a fixed period of 24 months.

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KSOY Ilmasto

KSOY Ilmasto is emission-free electricity at a fixed contract price.

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KSOY Pörssi

Electricity at an up-to-date price always at the one-month actual average price.

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KSOY Jatkuva

KSOY Jatkuva contract is valid until further notice.

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