Electricity for businesses

We offer electricity for businesses flexibly and based on your company’s needs. The contract alternatives are tailored for the needs of small, medium-sized and large companies.

Our service for businesses is comprehensive. We offer the following benefits:

  • Your own contact person who keeps you up-to-date
  • Good reporting on changes in the electricity markets
  • As our business customer, you are also our benefit customer, and these benefits are also available to you

Let’s choose the best electricity contract for your business, contact us!

email: yritysmyynti@ksoy.fi

  • Kari Halonen, Sales Manager, tel. 05 7780 660, 040 860 0531
  • Ilkka Ollila, Account Manager, tel. 05 7780 655, 040 517 1613
  • Olli Laitinen, Business Director, Energy, tel. 040 652 8582

Terms and conditions

In the network area of Kymenlaakson Sähkö Oy, we apply to our contracts the valid general terms of electricity supply in the industry, and in the area of other distribution system operators we apply the general terms of electricity sales.