Service price list

Fees related to billing and debt control
    VAT 0 % VAT 24 %
Order a printout sending a copy of a bill or printouts of contracts etc. €4.03        €5.00
Extra bill  extra bill printed out and sent at the customer's request €8.06 €10.00
Hourly rate  other printouts / tasks based on the amount of time spent (minimum ½h) €46.77 €58,00 / h
Billing  upon termination of a contract on a metering point, we do not charge for or reimburse a final bill that is worth less than five euros        
Interest for late payment         according to the Interest Act
Penalty charge for late payment, excl. VAT         €5.00 / each
Handling fee for suspension a fee charged by the electric energy supplier when the electricity supply is suspended €20.16 €25.00
Suspension visit       €72.58 €90.00 / procedure 
Suspension fee suspension of electricity supply €48.39 €60.00 / procedure
Connection fee electricity reconnection carried out on the same day €48.39 €60.00 / procedure
Electricity consumption report for the energy certificate       €24.19 €30.00 / site 
 Fees related to metering
First connection to the network for a new metering point                       free of charge           
Connection or removal of a meter 3 x 63 A or smaller €72.58    €90.00  
    3 x 80 A or bigger  €209.68  €260.00   
Inspection of the meter         €112.90 €140.00 
Installation and replacement of the meter       €193.55 €240.00 
Fee for a metering procedure replacement, transfer, connection of pulse output or other metering-related procedure €112.90 €140.00  
 Fees for other services
Product replacement replacement of a distribution product with another distribution product, also in connection with a change in the main fuse €16.13        €20.00                
Processing charge of a power of attorney given by the customer Customers shall use a power of attorney in a specific format issued by Kymenlaakson Sähkö. Kymenlaakson Sähkö does not accept any other authorisations. €8.06 €10.00
Reduction of the main fuse in the metering centre plug fuse (25–63 A)   €64.52 €80.00  
    fuse link €112.90 €140.00  
Fault service visit fault service visit / establishing a fault in customer equipment and minor repairs €80.65 €100.00  
Other service visit minor network task agreed with the customer €112.90 €140.00   
Padlock       €16.13 €20.00  
Lock cylinder       €104.84 €130.00  
 Fees for worksite centres
Delivery of a worksite centre (installation or disconnection) delivery time 5 working days                                   €137.10      €170.00              
    delivery time 2 working days     €193.55 €240.00  
Transfer of a worksite centre       €137.10 €170.00  
Rental of a worksite centre 3 x 25 A   €1.05 €1.30 € / day
      3 x 35–63 A   €1.61 €2.00 € / day
 Disclosure of metering point data
Hourly data table                                                     €16.13 €20.00 / metering
Hourly data report        €13.71 €17.00 / month / series
Metering point data       €9.68 €12.00 / point  

With two procedures carried out at the same time, we will not charge the service fee for the smaller amount.