Prices of electricity connection 1.2.2018

Low voltage connections

(Prices excluding VAT)

Main fuse / A Zone I Zone II
3 x 25 A €2,700 €4,090
3 x 35 A €3,790 €5,720
3 x 50 A €5,410 €8,180
3 x 63 A €6,820 €10,300
3 x 80 A €8,660  
3 x 100 A €10,820  
3 x 125 A €13,520  
3 x 160 A €17,310  
3 x 200 A €21,640  
3 x 250 A €27,050  
3 x 315 A €34,080  
3 x 400 A €43,280  
yli 3 x 400 A €108,00 / A  

S = rated current of the main fuse (amp)

Connection fee zone according to the location of metering point

Zone I = We apply the price list for zone I to connections located in town plan areas.

Zone II = We apply the price list for zone II to connections to be built outside the town plan areas at a distance of a maximum of 800 m from a current transformer substation

In low-voltage connections, we comply with area pricing in sites that are excluded from the zone pricing application areas, i.e. the connection fee is based on the actual costs of building the network.

Moreover, we do not apply zone pricing in areas where the low-voltage network has a valid clause to refund a connection fee which is higher than normal. Connections outside zone and area pricing are priced on a case by case basis. The connection fee is at least as high as the fee in the zone price lists.

Medium- and high-voltage connections 

(+ 24% VAT, the connection fee is non-refundable)

  Medium-voltage connections 10 kV and 20 kV High-voltage connections 110 kV
Basic fee €11,620 €32,920
Capacity reservation fee €42 / kVA €26 / kVA

The price complies with the price list if the connection costs do not exceed the basic fee. The connection offer is case-specific.