KSOY Tuuli

Good decisions are sometimes easy to make, such as buying electricity with the KSOY Tuuli contract.

With the KSOY Tuuli contract you will receive effortless, eco-efficient electricity, which is produced only with wind power, without having to constantly renew the contract. The contract is valid until further notice, and its price follows the market price with a time lag. We will give you one month’s notice of any price changes, and you can cancel the contract by giving us two weeks’ notice.

You can enter into an agreement by calling 05 7780 500, on our Online Service or through the chat window on our website.

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  • Clean wind energy, produced completely without carbon dioxide emissions.
  • Ongoing contract, valid until further notice.
  • The price of the electricity contract consists of the basic charge and the user charge.

KSOY Tuuli price list