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KSOY Vartti

Contract is not for sale.

All consumer and small business customers of Kymenlaakson Sähkö have been transferred to Väre on 1 January 2024. Read more on our information page:

Read more about Väre and Väre electricity contracts:

Principles for determining the price of the user fee for the KSOY Vartti contract as from 1 October 2022

The price of the KSOY Vartti contract is mainly based on the derivative prices of NASDAQ OMX Commodities for the coming quarter.

As from 1 October 2022, the user fee is based on derivative prices on dates notified in advance, and the calculation formula for determining the price is clear and available to the customers. In future, the user fees of KSOY Vartti contracts are the same for all metering methods.

The user fee of a contract is calculated as follows:


ENOFUTBLQx-yy = the price of the system derivative product for the forthcoming price period

SYHELFUTBLQx-yy = the price of the Finland price area difference derivative product for the forthcoming price period

KSOY’s margin = 1.9c/kWh

N.B.! After the calculation, value added tax (24%) is added to the user fee.
The derivative prices are presented on the NASDAQ website in the format €/MWh. The prices can be converted into c/kWh prices by dividing the figure by ten.

Derivative prices are determined according to the following closing prices of derivatives on the price determination dates (Daily fix column):

Price period Price determination date
1 Jan.–31 Mar. 19 Nov.
1 Apr.–30 Jun. 17 Feb.
1 Jul.–30 Sep. 19 May
1 Oct.–31 Dec. 19 Aug.


If the price determination date falls on a weekend, the previous Friday’s closing prices (Daily fix column) shall be used in the price determination.

The price trend of electricity derivatives can be followed here:

The contract price will remain the same for three months. We will announce the new price for the contract a month before the new season begins. The contract is valid until further notice and the customer’s notice period is two weeks. The price of electricity consists of the basic charge, which is paid once a month, and the user charge.

  • The price will remain unchanged throughout the price period: January–March, April–June, July–September and October–December.
  • The new price is known 1 month before the start of the new price period.
  • You will receive the price information by post and email one month before the price change.

Price list

1.1.2024 – 31.3.2024

Basic charge € 3,35 per month
User charge 11,74 c/kWh

Incl. VAT 24 %.

1.10.2023 – 31.12.2023

Basic charge € 3,35 per month
User charge 8,41 c/kWh

Incl. VAT 24 %.

The price is the same for all measurement methods.

Suitable for sites with a maximum fuse size of 3 x 63 A. The distribution fee charged by the distribution system operator and electricity tax will be added to the prices.

Note! Contract is not currently for sale.

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