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Metering electricity using a remotely read meter

We meter your electricity consumption using a remotely read meter. We read the meter once an hour and send the measurement data once a day to different systems. The previous day’s information will appear the next morning around 9:00 a.m. and through our Online-service you can also monitor your electricity usage yourself. If the measurement data has not been received in the morning, they are usually updated later on the same day by 4:00 p.m. Remote reading means that your electricity consumption data pass to us automatically, and your electricity bills are based on verified consumption.

Turning off electricity in a property (holiday homes)

If you like to switch off the electricity in your summer home for winter, turn it off using an electricity meter power switching device, not from the main switch of the electricity control box. Instructions on how to turn off the electricity are on the electricity meter or the user guide alongside it.

Turn off the power at the main switch and remove the relevant fuses for the duration of any electrical work.

User instructions for meters

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