Electricity for a building site or temporary use

When you need site electricity in a location which will also have a permanent connection, such as a detached house or holiday home, please read the instructions how to get access to electricity.

If the power requirement is temporary, such as an event, building site for terraced housing or apartment block, or other similar site where the need for electricity is clearly finite, you need a temporary connection. We make a contract for a temporary connection for a set time, for a maximum period of five years at a time.

A temporary connection is not subject to a connection charge, but we charge for the costs incurred by constructing and removing the temporary cable. If required, we hire out building site centres suitable for 3 x 25 A or 3 x 63 A connections. If it is necessary to construct a park transformer substation for a temporary connection, we will charge rental for a transformer, the amount of which is determined on a case by case basis. You will find the connection and disconnection charges and building site centre rents in our service price list.

A requirement of a temporary electrical connection is that you have made a network service contract and an electricity sales contracts. Contact the energy company of your choice.

We will connect your power supply and install a remotely read meter within 8 working days from receiving the order, once all the relevant issues and contracts are in order.

We connect a building site centre in excess of 3 x 63 A after the electrical contractor has sent a general information form concerning it. 

Please contact our connection sales