Place connection on standby

When electricity is not used in a property, but you want to retain the readiness for it, you can place the connection on standby. This way, you pay a standby charge based on the main fuse size of the connection, and all other electricity billing stops. When moving into standby state, we disconnect the power supply to the metering point and remove the meter. For these measures, we make a charge for a metering procedure.

You can restore a connection on standby back to normal use without any charge. Before a connection can be taken into use after standby, you should contact an electrical contractor for checking the installations. The contractor orders the connection using the general information form.

A connection placed on standby also remains on a site where the building has been demolished, and it can be reconnected to the new property built on the same site. As you can transfer an electricity connection in a property sale to the new owner, a connection on standby is also useful when selling the property.

For new connections completed after 1 March 2011, we make a standby charge if the connection is not reconnected by the end of the calendar year following completion.