General information form

Electrical professionals: please fill the general information form (only in Finnish) in cases of:

  • metering a new connection. Before ordering, check that the connection applicant has valid connection as well as network and sales contracts.
  • changing main fuse size of a connection or metering point
  • replacing customer’s metering centre
  • replacing or changing the connection cable
  • changes in the metering point, e.g. removal of meter (do not remove the meter yourself)
  • sealing a meter
  • connecting a site centre to a connection over 3 x 63 A

Send the completed general information form by email to or return it to our area offices in Kotka or Elimäki.

The form must include the site information, connection and metering details, and the details of the constructor of the electrical system.

We will confirm the required connection date you have specified on the form. Connecting the meter is carried out by our service provider Empower, to which we will pass the connection request. If the job entails making changes to an existing connection, the Empower Service Centre will agree the schedule with you.

If you are making changes to several metering points at the same time, please use the multiple meter notification, which includes a second page for metering point details, as well as the basic form.

Connections of solar panels or other microgeneration devices should be notified on the Micro-production general information form.

The link below opens the general information form as a PDF file.

  • You can fill it in on your computer and email the completed form to our connection sales by clicking Lähetä/Send.
  • You can save the form for archiving on your own computer or print it for posting as letter post to the address at the bottom of the form.

If you do not have Acrobat Reader installed on your computer, you can download the latest version here (the link opens in a new window and the content is in Finnish). We also recommend downloading the latest version if you have problems with sending or saving your form.

Further information from our connection sales