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Responsibility – choices for tomorrow

The wellbeing of people and the environment is important to us. To us, responsible operation and good corporate citizenship means choices and deeds. With our own operation, we support wellbeing and vitality in our region also for the benefit of the next generation.


The environmental perspective is included in all our activities and has a central influence on both our work and our choices in energy generation. The importance of environmental impacts in the energy sector is great. A crucial issue is curbing climate change by investing in renewable energy and carbon-neutral production.

A total of 99,8 % of our electricity production is carbon-free. The focus of our new investments is solely on low-emission production.


In responsible stakeholder work, it is important to identify the expectations and needs of key groups. The important stakeholder groups to us are the customers, personnel and owners.

Satisfied customers

We are responsible for almost 105,000 customers, who rely on our ability to come up with sustainable solutions in energy production and supply electricity with as few disruptions and as efficiently as possible. The provision of energy advice is also an important part of our customer work – this way, we can also help our customers to save energy and seek responsible solutions.

We aim to retain our high level of customer satisfaction. Every year, we measure our customers’ satisfaction with our operations. The results of the customer satisfaction survey play a significant part in guiding our activities. We want to understand and anticipate our customers’ changing needs and respond to them in the best possible way. In development work, we make use of various forms of continuous customer interaction, as well as feedback from research.

Happy and capable personnel

We have some 60 employees, whose wellbeing is important to us. In addition, through our network investments and maintenance operations, we provide employment for many times this number of service providers and suppliers, and thus create wellbeing for the whole society.


We are committed to long-term operation reaching further than the next quarter and working in the best interest of the owners.


The wellbeing and development of our region is important to us. We are actively involved in the communities of our operational area, develop and network, so that we can all succeed together.

We participate in community activities in ways like supporting sporting clubs, small-scale sponsorship events, individual campaigns, seminars and other similar events.

As well as developing our own operational area, we are also actively engaged in developing the energy sector. We work in cooperation with other operators in the energy sector in developing a stable, predictable and safe operational environment. We interact proactively with the Energy Authority and other central official bodies in order to improve the regulation and investment environment.

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